1. Garden Flags/Decorative Flags - Available in 2 sizes:

  • Standard Flag - Measures about 28" x 40". Hangs from a 60" pole. Bracket and pole are sold separately. Also referred to as "Decorative Banner”, "Banner Flag”, "House Flag”, and "Porch Flag”.
  • Garden Flag - Measures about 12.5" x 18". Hangs from a smaller pole that pushes into the ground or attaches to a mailbox post. Also called "Mini Flag”, "Yard Flag”, "Mailbox Flag”.

2. Cemetery Flag - Comes in same size as a garden flag with an inspirational message that is fitting for the garden or a gravesite. There is a shorter pole for use in the cemetery.

3. Estate Flag - Estate Flags are larger flags measuring about 36" x 54" that hang from the same standard flagpole.